You found another secret page on the website. Congratulations!

If you've been to one of the band's concerts or spent any time at all around these crazy kids from The Bigger Issues!, you've no doubt heard someone utter the phrase, "Shut up, Kenny!

It probably went something like this:

Sean: How's that tambourine holding up?
Ellie: It's fine. I'm just a little scared to beat it too hard.
Kenny: I bet you are.
Ellie: Shut up, Kenny.

So, just remember, kids...


When your friends say something stupid and you just have to make the obvious double entrendre...


Be careful.

Someone might just be there to tell you to "SHUT UP, KENNY!"


And keep searching the site for more hidden fun. BTW, have you found that Epiphone bass yet?

Shut Up, Kenny!

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