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Screamin' John Brown

"When I was a little boy, we had to PLAY ALL NIGHT, sometimes for just PENNIES, and I'm TELLIN' you......."


Um...... actually, my first exposure to music is when my brother clocked me with Dad's guitar. Sore, but yet fascinated, this began the great ride.  I began by playing clarinet and saxophone in the school band....... and the MUSIC TEACHER would HIT YOU with A RULER if you MISSED A NOTE and........ uh, ahem...


My father led me to the guitar. He was a virtuoso who, while in the service, would transcribe music from the radio for the Army, prior to shipping overseas for WWII. So, there was always music in the house. He also introduced me to my first "guitar hero", SHELDON BENNETT, arguably one of the best undiscovered talents of the guitar world........just AMAZING!!!


I wore out a lot of records (that's VINYL, for all of you youngsters :D ) making my own cassette mix tapes to practice to (and invoking a lot of "TURN IT DOWN" and foot-stamping from the family.


Once he deemed me skilled enough, I started playing in my Dad's pop/swing band, and then started making the transition to jazz, country, and rock'n'roll. I hit the prerequisite bar band scene, particularly the "Grits tour", which anyone from our generation will remember........Strange clubs, chicken wire on the stage, lots of crummy hotels and crummier food.... AH, THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!! Actually, it seemed like we slept in the van most of the time, and ate a lot of waffles and, well, grits.......


I've always maintained a presence, acoustic and electric, and this year brought the awesome opportunity to join THE BIGGER ISSUES!, and it's been a blast (except for the VICIOUS heat in Gilmer County....... makes me want to SCREA.... well, you know..... THE SHOW MUST GO ON!


SOMERSET KENNY, Jonathan, and ELLIE are a real pleasure to make music with....somewhere between being Bob Newharts' love child and fighting off my cats at the dinner table (that was a JOKE........LAUGH!.......NOW!!!!)


Well it seems like I just got here, but must be going.... See ya on the "CASHEWS & COCONUTS!" Tour 2017!


SCREAMIN' JOHN  (cue much more evil than usual laugh...)

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