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She 's Got It Covered -- Ellie's Gear

So, here's my eclectic setup!


Lord Lucas: M'Lord was passed down to me from my older brother. Lucas is a Fender Stratocaster that has a wicked bite and distinguished growl that gives him a noble tone.  


Lady Alice: M'Lady is a violet beauty and a fierce general in the musical war. She's an Ibanez with a black fretboard full of sharp fangs.


Sergeant: My new acoustic/electric ukulele. Together with his adoptive siblings Fin and Lily, their family will likely be growing in the coming future.  


Umbrellas: Meet the family! These beauties keep me dry in the lovely rain and keep my skin safe from that accursed sun.


L'yrach the Lyre... and Bailey: L'yrach has that perfect, creepy tone every horror film needs in their score. And Bailey really wanted to be in the picture.


Cypher: Cypher is a domestic black hair who just woves to pway with mommy when she's pwactacing at home. Guitar stwings taste yummy.


Cinnamon: Cinnamon is Cypher's biological mommy. She loves cuddles, pets and tuna.


Sean's Baby: Baby is really Sean "Wee Bear's" guitar, a Fender Squier Telecaster, that he lets me use for the band. She has a much sweeter sound than my Lucas, and is much lighter to carry.



Fin and Lily: Fin (black) and Lily (Tan) are my darling ukuleles. Fin is a Mahalo uke with a quiet tone while Lily projects lovely, vibrant notes.


Ocarina: I use a twelve-hole Noble, winged ocarina for those flighty melodies (and I assure you (Cough Kenny Cough) it is not made from any animal's internal organs.


Xylophone: This was a surprise gift back in high school, when I was pit captain of the marching band for two years (And general percussionist for eight years). Percussion was my upbringing, particularly keyboards (Marimbas are my favorite instrument, but I sure as heck don't have the money for one of those), and this xylophone was used well for theater pits and personal concerts with piano duets since graduating.



Glockenspiel: Like the xylophone, this was gifted to me back in high school. It's not the fanciest Glock, but neither was it cheap! It sings with a pure, crystal clear ring and has the sweetest rain-drop-delicate sound you've ever heard. 



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