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Ellie Raine

From the corner of the forest, in the hollow of a cedar tree, Ellie Raine was born with the soul of storms.



She was the only wisp in her family borne to a different element. Her mother, father, and three older brothers were thunder wisps, gifted with electrical skills and prowess.


Ellie had apparently missed that memo.


She was a wee cloud wisp, gifted with many things and e’er changing with the mood of the sky, but the one thing she could never master was sticking to one path.


She wanted to paint, and so she painted.


She wanted to draw, and so she drew.


She wanted to sing, and so she sang.


She wanted to write, and so she wrote.


She wanted to sew, and so she sewed.


She wanted to fight, and so she fought.


She wanted to ukulele, and so she ukulele…d.


There were so many things to learn, and such little time to learn them—was it really so impossible to live out every dream?  


And then, in the attic of that dusty, cedar corner, her mother wisp found a guitar of noble blood.


“This used to be your brother wisp’s,” said she, “when he was your age. I was thinking o’ selling it, but it’s close your wee ukes, so I thought you might want to try it.”


And try it Ellie did.


Lord Lucas wasn’t quite like her wee ukuleles. M’lord sported extra strings, wider frets, harsher bites on her fingers, and had a rumbling growl akin to the storms she so loved.


One day, when Ellie went traveling outside the forest to follow a wee nimbus, she found her bard friends from yonder comic shop playing a storm of music. She came to listen to their rocking tunes. When they spied Lord Lucas upon her back, and had her audition, they invited her to play for The Bigger Issues!


And so she plays for The Bigger Issues!

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