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 From the Gates of Nirvana Tonight,

& Screamin' John Brown

From the beginning of time (well, MY time, anyway), I've been a mainstay for FENDER, GIBSON, EPIPHONE, and KRAMER guitars.

With THE BIGGER ISSUES! I'm currently  using a 1962 N.O.S. FENDER TELECASTER as my #1 (built/restored to my specs by our friend & luthier BARRETT CULPEPPER at SOUTHEAST GUITAR REPAIR), with a 1989 PAUL REED SMITH and a 70's GIBSON LES PAUL Gold top as back-ups. Live, I also use IBANEZ mandolins and TAKAMINE EF series acoustics. I have a lot of gear choices, so here's a rundown:


  • YAMAHA nylon string

  • 1933 GIBSON f-hole acoustic

  • a custom BILL LAWRENCE S-caster

  • 1962 GIBSON MELODY MAKER (for drop-D tuning)

  • a late-model KRAMER PACER CARRERA (to make "Superstition" screa..... well, you know...)

  • a 2006 Ibanez GSR400 bass (thanks, SOMERSET KENNY!)

  • a mid-60's vintage EPIPHONE Coronet

  • and a '72 sunburst FENDER Strat

  • The most ADORABLE 1/2 scale mini-Strat

  • Dean Boca 12 string

  • Stedman Pro

  • .......and a few others just for show.


Oh, and Somerset Kenny has this wicked EPIPHONE violin bass, all souped up to Hofner specs, but he can never seem to find it when I want to play it......... odd.....   Hey, ELLIE....have you seen------


  • An awesome PEAVEY Classic that's old as dirt, but still kicks butt (you might even SCREAMS!)

  • A HI-WATT amp with AMPEG V-4 cabinets (I won't say they're loud, but, well, YES I WILL! Even if you have any brains left after the show,  you still can't hear anything!)

  • A my baby CRATE amp (ain't she CUTE!)

  • A couple of FENDER combos

  • And is that a new VOX combo Peeking around the corner?

EFFECTS & Stuff:

  • A classic DUNLOP Crybaby wah wah,

  • ZOOM pedals for both acoustic & electric effects

  • BOSS delays

  • D'Addario strings (hmmm, I gotta tell Somerset Kenny about these...)

  • KYSER capos

  • And SHURE SM57's for miking up.

Well, that's all ............for now.......(CUE EVIL LAUGH)

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