From the Gates of Nirvana Tonight,

& Screamin' John Brown

From the beginning of time (well, MY time, anyway), I've been a mainstay for FENDER, GIBSON, EPIPHONE, and KRAMER guitars.

With THE BIGGER ISSUES! I'm currently  using a 1962 N.O.S. FENDER TELECASTER as my #1 (built/restored to my specs by our friend & luthier BARRETT CULPEPPER at SOUTHEAST GUITAR REPAIR), with a 1989 PAUL REED SMITH and a 70's GIBSON LES PAUL Gold top as back-ups. Live, I also use IBANEZ mandolins and TAKAMINE EF series acoustics. I have a lot of gear choices, so here's a rundown:


  • YAMAHA nylon string

  • 1933 GIBSON f-hole acoustic

  • a custom BILL LAWRENCE S-caster

  • 1962 GIBSON MELODY MAKER (for drop-D tuning)

  • a late-model KRAMER PACER CARRERA (to make "Superstition" screa..... well, you know...)

  • a 2006 Ibanez GSR400 bass (thanks, SOMERSET KENNY!)

  • a mid-60's vintage EPIPHONE Coronet

  • and a '72 sunburst FENDER Strat

  • The most ADORABLE 1/2 scale mini-Strat

  • Dean Boca 12 string

  • Stedman Pro

  • .......and a few others just for show.


Oh, and Somerset Kenny has this wicked EPIPHONE violin bass, all souped up to Hofner specs, but he can never seem to find it when I want to play it......... odd.....   Hey, ELLIE....have you seen------


  • An awesome PEAVEY Classic that's old as dirt, but still kicks butt (you might even SCREAMS!)

  • A HI-WATT amp with AMPEG V-4 cabinets (I won't say they're loud, but, well, YES I WILL! Even if you have any brains left after the show,  you still can't hear anything!)

  • A my baby CRATE amp (ain't she CUTE!)

  • A couple of FENDER combos

  • And is that a new VOX combo Peeking around the corner?

EFFECTS & Stuff:

  • A classic DUNLOP Crybaby wah wah,

  • ZOOM pedals for both acoustic & electric effects

  • BOSS delays

  • D'Addario strings (hmmm, I gotta tell Somerset Kenny about these...)

  • KYSER capos

  • And SHURE SM57's for miking up.

Well, that's all ............for now.......(CUE EVIL LAUGH)

Dean Boca 12 string
Dean Boca 12 string
Stedman pro
Stedman pro
tele final
tele final
new squire mini
new squire mini
new vox
new vox
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