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We're a special bunch, and it takes a special village to support us. These are just a few of the folks we really appreciate:



Terry Gray
Owner/Proprietor of the legendary "GARY ALLEN STUDIOS", where The Bigger Issues! makes all their magic happen! 

Jackson's Music

Buford Georgia's finest musical emporium and where the ISSUES go to seek treatment for GEAR ACQUISITION SYNDROME (G.A.S.)  



Southeast Guitar Repair
Featuring the amazing Barrett Culpepper, who keeps all of our guitars ready to rock in tip-top-to-bottom shape!



Shane "Clyde" Crumbley
Live sound manipulator, studio engineer, all-around "Audio Ghost", and Screamin' John's personal henchman.


Charis Taylor
The official voice-over queen of The Bigger Issues! whose squeaky (okay, dulcet) tones grace the concert intros.




A spot for former members who have worked out their "issues" and moved on...


Sean Taylor
















Legendary Half-Squtach; Founding member; original bassist. Known for his enormous . . . .  comic book collection. Possesses mutant ability to grow a full beard in minutes.


Hannah Day














Founding member and original featured lead vocalist, "All Night" Hannah Day walks seamlessly between music, art, cooking, and being a crazy cat lady. 









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