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(one-hour per day) 

  • Blood in the Gut -- crafting exciting story openings

  • Getting the Last Word (Right) -- self-editing for writers

  • Fine-tuning  your darlings, not killing them -- tightening your stories with strong verbs and nouns

  • Plotting by questions -- Learning the questions that help make your stories resonate

  • He said, she said, it said -- making your dialog work 


Whether you're a beginning writer or a published amateur, I offer workshops and seminars to help you throughout the writing process. Workshops are great outreaches for libraries, writers groups, and bookstores looking to draw local writers. Larger events, such as seminars and break-out panels, work well as part of an organized writers retreat, conference, or convention.

I've led workshops and panels with such varied writers as Peter David, Larry Hama, Denny O'Neil, Bella Morte's Andy Deane, Stephen Zimmer and Jana Oliver.



  • Writing genre fiction

  • Writing literary fiction

  • Editing

  • Self-editing for fiction writers

  • Visceral Opening Scenes

  • Writing from the editor's perspective

  • The life of faith in genre writing 

  • Getting published

  • Marketing 101 for broke writers 

  • Building an artist's/writer's network

  • Writing Steampunk

  • Writing Horror

  • Writing Mysteries

  • Creating compelling charactersPulp heroes

  • New Pulp

  • Writing for RPGs

  • Writing for licensed properties

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