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Are you looking to dramatically improve your company's communication skills? Do simple (but common) grammar errors undermine your letters, e-mails, and promotional materials? Are you getting the point across clearly and directly, or are your efforts hampered by passive, confusing writing?


I can help.


Whether your company has a staff of 10 or 10,000, your employees can learn to communicate more effectively to your key audiences and to other employees. You can take both your internal and external communication to the next level.

I offer one-day and two-day interactive seminars in your facilities. A seminar runs three hours and covers the basics of effective communication within your company and to those outside your company.

The two-day seminar option allows larger companies to schedule two sessions on consecutive days so that more employees will be allowed to participate or to allow a smaller, "workshop" atmosphere.


(The same seminar will be repeated each day.)

A typical one-day seminar will include:

  • Blog posts that connect

  • Writing for the Web

  • Common editing mistakes that give you a bad company image

  • Putting your best voice forward

  • Redecorating the office style

  • Breaking the grip of the grammar nits

  • Writing for simplicity and understanding

  • Rethinking for online publication

  • Losing your e-mail informality

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