In 2013, noted and award-winning author Gary Phillips, in conjunction with Pro Se Productions, published BLACK PULP. Noted by many as groundbreaking and one of the most important books in the ever-growing New Pulp movement, BLACK PULP focused on stories of action and adventure from various genres with African leads. This best selling volume now returns with BLACK PULP II, available now in print and digital formats.

From BLACK PULP II’S Introduction, Phillips says, “…New Pulp has revived and expanded our notions of heroes and heroines in the tradition of those 1930s blood and thunder tales. It turns out these larger-than-life characters can be of many hues and ethnicities, of people who decades ago might have at best been an aide to the adventurer or more likely portrayed stereotypically if at all, but now take center stage.

"And let’s be clear, this effort is not some nod to political correctness, a much-maligned term in our 24/7 world of social media. Rather these stories say that a lot of us no matter our origins and background enjoy these kinds of stories and better can find ourselves reflected on the page, that a range of us can be the central character in a hair-raising, goose-bump producing adventure. The impulse then to right wrongs comes in all colors. Some of these characters are imbued with heightened abilities, some merely skilled in normal ways, yet they all stride forth to battle the forces of evil, be it on a grand scale against a quixotic villain and their world-shattering machines and machinations or of a more personal quest for justice. The impulse to not just sit on the sidelines resides in all sorts of characters.”

BLACK PULP II is a new volume of stories featuring characters of African origin, or descent, at the forefront. Developed by Phillips, BLACK PULP II brings together familiar authors and characters from the first anthology while introducing new creators and concepts crafting exciting new fiction with heroes of a darker hue. Between these covers are 12 new tales of action, adventures, and thrills presented by some of the most talented authors in New Pulp and Genre Fiction!

Featuring a stunning cover by Adam Shaw, logo design by Sean Ali, and digital formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, BLACK PULP II is available in print for 14.99.

This incredible second volume is also available for $4.99 on Kindle. Kindle Unlimited members can read for free!

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*Featuring my story "The Hubris of Gods."

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