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Moonstone Double Shot -- featuring
Green Hornet and The Tribunal now available!

Britt Reid carries a bitter legacy. When Britt was a boy, his father was framed and died in prison. That was the tragedy that birthed the Green Hornet. For years, he kept his two lives separate: upstanding successful businessman and a most wanted criminal known as the Hornet. The toll that dual identity takes on the man who is both is huge, and the enforced separation between the two selves grows thinner.

And: The TRIBUNAL -- The Golden Amazon, The Phantom Detective, Secret Agent X… Judge, Jury… and whatever else they need to be… (by Sean Taylor) 


Who is the mysterious Bogill and why has he declared war on our heroes?

Item Name: Moonstone Double Shot May '22B

Item #: DS0522B

Price/ea: $5.49


















A war goes on between beings that live on high mountains and in the deepest seas and humans trained in espionage and intrigue. And now it shall be revealed in THE DIVINE AND THE DEVIOUS: GODS VERSUS SPIES, an anthology based on a concept by editor Sean Taylor now open for submissions from Pro Se Productions.

“I guess it’s true,” says Taylor, “ that the best ideas spring forth in full bloom as the saying goes, but it is super exciting to see the reaction this anthology concept got right off the bat from what I thought was a fairly innocuous post on social media. The idea of classic gods and goddesses duking it out with a pantheon of spy heroes and heroines just really seemed to me like one of those “why hasn’t anyone published this before” kind of ideas to me. I’m just happy to be a part of such an exciting anthology concept.”

The divine-Pantheons of religions and mythologies past, from Zeus to Spider to Freya to Kali and on and on. The devious-covert agents either based on archetypes from Bond to Bourne to Mata Hari or your own original take on the spy character. The concept of this anthology is simple-pitting one against the other in any time period and in any genre.


To request a bible for THE DIVINE AND THE DEVIOUS: GODS VERSUS SPIES, email Proposals for THE DIVINE AND THE DEVIOUS: GODS VERSUS SPIES should be 1-3 paragraphs long and sent to Two volumes of this title will be produced simultaneously. Six stories of 6,000 words will be selected for each volume. Once proposals are accepted, the deadline for completed stories is October 1, 2021. Pay will be royalty-based.


If you have any questions, please email Check out Pro Se Productions on


*Featuring my story "Desolation Row."

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Sean Taylor believes redemptive stories still matter.


Sean Taylor knows that Ray Bradbury lives forever.


Don’t believe us? Then this book is for you. GIDDY AND EUPHORIC, now available from Pro Se Productions and its nonfiction PULPSTUDIES imprint, collects the essays of author and comic book writer Sean Taylor. In these pages, Sean shares his thoughts on subjects across the board, including his love for Ray Bradbury, why diversity is important to artists, and even the right way to become a short story reader!


“I’ll sum it up as simply as I can: you’re going to care. That’s what Sean does with his characters and the stories they inhabit. He makes you care.”
     -- Erik Burnham, Ghostbusters

“Once you’re done reading, you’ll know you read a well-crafted, fully rounded piece of work.” 
     -- Dan Jurgens, The Death of Superman


Featuring a cover by the author and print formatting by Antonino lo Iaocono, GIDDY AND EUPHORIC is available for 11.99 via Amazon

Formatted by Antonino lo Iaocono and Marzia Marina, Taylor’s stellar collection of essays and insights is available as an ebook for only 99 cents from Amazon. Kindle Unlimited members can read for free!


For more information on this title, interviews with the creators and authors, or digital copies for review, email

To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at

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