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The Battle for Classic City

Build your team of heroes from a cadre of public domain heroes of the past -- featuring Lady Fairplay, Man o' War, Spider Queen, Zor the Mighty, Moon Girl, and many more. Fight for your place as the preeminent team of heroes in Classic City!


Game Design

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In this deck builder, create your own theater and present the best films to leave your competitors in the dust. Need an advantage? Sell a permanent seat and lock down a stack from the other players or force them to buy directly from you! 

Currently in Development


Cap'n Kelly's Custom Critters

A battling game with a best in show twist! Create your own Custom Critters and then compete in themed competitions as you move around the tiles to initiate battles with the other custom critters. Then make your pets even more special (you know, by adding bat wings or extra legs). The more trophies you earn, the more Custom Critters you can create and increase your ability to cover the board.

Currently in Development


Last Mouse
on the Left

While Petunia and Penelope Mousekawitz were in the kitchen searching for cheese, Kitty the Killer Cat caught them, and well... it's the circle of life (or perhaps for Kitty, the circle of lunch). But this time, the remaining Mousekawitzes aren't taking it lying down. Armed with every kitchen utensil they can find, they're going to get revenge on that killer cat. Or course, that’s not going to be easy, because, as we all know, cats are notoriously hard to kill with those nine lives... The bigger and more elaborate the trap you set, the more likely you are to get your revenge on Kitty!

Currently in Development


Shark Detective

Did Little Jimmy Jellyfish steal Sara Seahorse's pearls from the Undertow Club? Or did Agatha "Angel" Angler steal Ollie Ollie Octopus' gold doubloon at Rad Reef Park? It's an under the sea crime adventure only you can solve as you take the role of one of Ocean City's most brilliant Shark Detectives to catch the right criminal, investigate the right crime scene, and return the stolen merchandise to the victim. Why sharks? Because they're the smartest hunters in the sea, and it will take all those smart to close this case!