Sean Taylor’s

stories focus

less on the

obvious trappings

of the genre,

instead homing

in on the


flawed human beings for

whom greater-than-mortal powers don’t convey greater-than-mortal morality.


-- Tom Brevoort, Executive Editor, Marvel Comics

Of those adventurings is “The Fairest of Them All.”  which rests upon the fulcrum of a brilliant idea: What if the magic mirror in Snow White’s tale - the one the vain witch was always using to fish for compliments - was the same as Alice’s famed “Looking Glass”? The Fairest of Them All" offers one possible way that might have unfolded. It’s armed with a sharp satirical edge and is darker, more Grimm than Disney.


-- Kristofer Upjohn (The Book Devil)

...a masterful piece of story telling, original, creative and controlled.


-- Steve Saville (Silver Bullet Comics)

Fishnet Angel is ... a masterful piece of story telling, original, creative and controlled.

-- Steve Saville

(Silver Bullet Comics)

Color me impressed: Dominatrix consistently surprises, shattering all expectations (or complete lack thereof) by putting forth entertaining issue after entertaining issue. ... The innocence of its flavor mixed with a constant salvo of severe themes (death, sex, conspiracy, derring-do) makes Dominatrix the pulpiest pulp on the stands today, capturing, oddly, the authentic sensibilities of that old-school style.

-- Broken Frontiers

The anthology ends on up notes, though, with Sean Taylor, Loraine Sammy & Luis Alonso's "Passing In The Night," a superhero comic that transforms into a romance tearjerker, with the sort of romantic twist Stan [Lee] used to put in his comics... 


-- Steven Grant

(Permanent Damage)

Show Me a Hero delivers a series of stories that

are dangerous, intriguing, fun and lathered with

that sense of character readers will be sure to

love. Once you’re done reading, you’ll

know you read a well-crafted,

fully rounded piece of work.


-- Dan Jurgens,

author of Superman, Teen Titans,

The Death of Superman

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